Ramblings on MMR Download Manager

After a recent issue reported by Johnson Le on the┬áBug Tracker, I’ve looked into the download manager code for My Manga Reader once again, it was built upon a library, which I can’t even find anymore. It was modified to work with Manga/Chapter downloading, but the original feature set was pretty decent, pausing and resuming seemed to be a plus, the issue came when we download a chapter we treat a chapter as one object but when we download a chapter, it’s the pages that we need to download. So commonly download managers are about managing a download as an individual entity. Where in the background thread you just open a connection to the file you’re trying to download copy the bytes and save them to a local file.

Right now after looking at the Download Manager’s code, there are quite a few pieces missing when we download a file, we don’t track the state (queued, downloading, paused, completed) consistently causing most of the issues, I’ve made some changes and hopefully the behavior will be more consistent in the next release.

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