Finding the right searchview

So first step is taking a look around of what’s been done, I usually visit Android Arsenal to see what’s new. This time quite a few libraries before implementing one, I’ll check out how the sample app runs. Outside of that see if there is any open issues on Github, you don’t want to create additional instability in your app introducing a library to do so. Current library I’ve decided to test out is a fork of Persistent Search View by Cryse Hillme.

SearchFilter Porting

I thought the library was pretty cool and could be reused in other projects, like whenever I get back to developing MAV. The transition wasn’t too bad it was like reverse mapping, replacing keywords in Kotlin and understanding the syntax.

For example:

Kotlin: class ExpandedFilterView : ViewGroup {

private var mPrevItem: View? = null
private var mPrevX: Int? = null
private var mPrevY: Int? = null
private var mPrevHeight = 0

Java: public class ExpandedFilterView extends ViewGroup {

private View mPrevItem = null;
private int mPrevX = 0;
private int mPrevY = 0;
private int mPrevHeight = 0;